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Our .NET products   

The profound knowledge in Microsoft technologies, experience in software development and implementation for our customers allowed us to create own .Net-based products – enterprise portal Corvet and RAD-platform Mirapolys.

Corvet - Corporate Business Portal

Internet Solution for Companies with Remote Branches and Partners
Business portal CORVET is a group of web-sites developed with the help of Windows SharePoint Services (WSS). CORVET gives an opportunity to create a common information space with access to corporate data-base through Intranet/Internet for company’s departments /branches /partners.


Used technologies

  • MS Windows 2003 Server, MS SQL Server 2000


  • Windows SharePoint Services, Web Services, SOAP, ISAPI, IIS 6.0, WSS WebParts

    • Common space. Business portal creates a transparent, reliable and always accessible environment. The existing business applications and databases are easily integrated, information is obtained on-line, business events and Web content share common interface.

    • Object-oriented modules. They allow you to address simultaneously the whole range of complicated tasks being the worldwide business standards: e-commerce, B2B, B2C, e-government.

    • Easy-to-enhance feature. The flexible portal tools will allow even to inexperienced user to modify, tune or redesign portal content and appearance in a short time.

    • Built-in report generator. Quick and easy generation of various reports is based on the data from different DBMS.

    • Multilevel access rights system based on user roles. Each user will see information he or she has the aceess to via portal according to rights assigned. E.g. sales department managers will see prices, schedule of meetings and client data. At the same time the portal will contain news about products and discounts, service applications. It will even be possible to assign access rights even for any data type (files, accounts etc).

    • Personalization. Each user will have an option to create personal virtual site. Users will have every opportunity to setup personal sites at will.

    • Easy work and integration with present office software.

    • Sales volume control. Collecting, processing and reviewing data on orders, surpluses etc.- e-shop.

Corporate solution CORVET has been registered and approved by special Microsoft Partnership Program. Business portal has been successfully implemented at Slavutich, one of the biggest beer manufacturers in Ukraine.

“Initially, our main requirement was to create Rapid Application Development Platform (a development framework or engine) and than to create business application based on these tools. This approach is intended to address not only the issues of today but also the issues of tomorrow. This is the only guarantee for our readiness åù reengineer the company in future.

At a design stage the Mirasoft-PRO experts have already proved excellent skills and intent to satisfy customer needs. Now, as the business portal has already been put in operation, I want to stress that we are satisfied with high quality of Mirasoft product. The company products are truly of high quality and they are properly tested and documented”.

Sergey Zdanov, CIO BBH Ukraine

Mirapolys - RAD (Rapid Application Development) Platform

Mirapolys RAD Platform is a unique application development enviroment, which allows rapid creation and simple modification of different business applications with user-friendly intuitive interface.

Used technologies

C#, .Net, MS SQL, Access
DevExpress Library


Its ability to develop custom applications leads to rapid time-to-market applications’ development for special business processes of a client. Mirapolys ensures that applications developed with will have a high-level of flexibility, scalability, and reliability.

Mirapolis peculiarities:
  • Possibility to create various database applications (Client/Server CRM, eBusiness, Call Centers, Sales Configurations, etc.)

  • Modern work-place with moving paces

  • Integration with MS Reporting Server

  • Business Model described in XML

  • Integration with MS Outlook and Blue-tooth

  • Import from Active Directory

  • Special security system

  • Data export in different formats (pdf, html, xml)

  • Focus on specific features for non-standard business applications

  • Multilanguage support

  • Reasonable qualification requirements to supporters & developers

  • Forms developed in Designer support standard methods: select, create, delete, search etc.

Main Mirapolys components:

Model Designer provides creation and modification of new classes: Tasks, Offers etc (attributes, properties, views can be modified).

Model Generator provides generation of the physical tables to permanently store business application objects with their designed structure and to store existing data.

Form Designer provides design of Windows GUI Forms to present the business object details to solution user. Designer also allows assigning event handlers to the supported events to provide data validation rules, dependence relations and special behaviors of the Form in run-time.

Step-by-step creation of new software application with Mirapolys
    • Step 1. Business Model Development

    • Step 2. Workplace Description

    • Step 3. Design Forms

    • Step 4. Print Forms and Reports Development

    • Step 5. Installation Development

    • Step 6. Using New Application

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